Vocal and Performance Coaching

I currently coach vocal technique and performance for adults and teens in the Bay Area both in group classes through the Crossroads Music Community in Marin County as well as through private lessons. I am available to travel and teach in home, or teach in my own space in Marin County or Petaluma, CA.


I have been lucky enough to study  a variety of vocal techniques and methods over the years with such incredible teachers as Lynn Asher, Sandy Griffith, Amber Morris, April Grisman, and Raz Kennedy to name a few Bay Area greats. I remain inspired by all of them, and influenced by all their teachings. I have also been deeply impressed by Cathrine Sadolin's Complete Vocal Technique which has provided a science, vocabulary, and framework for understanding and teaching voice which has enabled both my students and me to make noticeable vocal differences and improvements in a relatively short amount of time. I believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit and happily continue to seek opportunities to hone my craft as I also hope to offer inspiration and guidance to my own students.


Drawing on my own experiences as a student, performer, and coach I support vocalists with a wide range of aspects of singing and performing. Of course we’ll focus on some basic building blocks of singing such as breath, kinesthetics (yes- singing is athletic!), and rhythm. We will also work on techniques to make your vocals engaging and compelling such as story-telling & connection, vocal tone & placement, and phrasing & dynamics. By working with all these elements, we’ll collaboratively discover and cultivate each vocalist’s unique voice and presence.  We’ll also delve into aspects of performance itself, with a special focus on overcoming nerves, boosting confidence, and focusing all that energy in productive, creative ways to produce the best performance and have the most fun!


If you are interested in learning more about group or individual lessons, please email me via the contact page. I'd love to talk to you!